Make your relationships a priority

Personal relationship breakdowns can occur with a partner, relative or work associate and can cause endless emotional turmoil.

Are any of the following situations familiar to you?

  • Feeling angry a lot of the time
  • Feeling picked on or misunderstood
  • Single and want to be in a relationship
  • Overly focused on detail making sure everything is perfect

If any these situations resonate with you then take a positive step and find out more about how we can work together to overcome roadblocks.

Don’t struggle alone

Why choose to work with Wendy Paton @Mindset Counselling

  • I pride myself on connecting with my clients

I had a session with Mindset Counselling this week. I was made to feel comfortable & without judgement. I was guided through the process of organising my thoughts & feelings about a recent eventAt the end of the session I felt a sense of relief & empowerment to move forward. 

  • I help clients gain motivation and discover a new way to look at old issues.
  • I offer different modalities of counselling including solution focused therapy, CBT and Psychodynamic therapy.
  • I attend regular PD and keep up to date with the latest research

Mindset Counselling understands the challenges of travelling to counselling appointments and therefore offers convenient online counselling. Melbourne clients also have the option of face to face sessions from Mindset Counselling Moorabbin rooms.

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